Finding the Right Homes for Retired Hounds in the Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia Area ...and Beyond!
Past Pictures of the Week

June 2013

Ball? What ball? No, you can't have it! Tigger is loved by the Whitlock family of Chesapeake Beach, MD!

Hey mom! Can we adopt a greyhound? I've been doing my research! Bumblebee is loved by the Martin family of Magnolia, DE!

Is there room for you? I don't think so! Tempi, Booth and Elyannah are loved by the Ringley family of Mechanicsville, MD

Mom, I think my screaming monkey died, you've got to get me another one... today!! Janeen is loved by the Allen & Wilkerson family of Alexandria, VA.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!