Finding the Right Homes for Retired Hounds in the Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia Area ...and Beyond!
Our Adopted Dogs

November 2020

Sledge - adopted by the Hill family of Arlington, VA.

Shark - adopted by the Asomugha Burns family of Lusby, Md.

May kna Daisy May - adopted by the Johnson family of Washington, District of Columbia.

Engle kna Ada - adopted by the Cunningham family of hanover, MD.

Kitty kna Kitt - adopted by the Kahn family of Ellicott City, maryland.

Millie kna Metztli - adopted by the DeSantis family of Baltimore, MD.

Hanity kna Lane - adopted by the Smith family of Fredericksburg, VA.

Kobe kna Bingo - adopted by the Mikatarian family of Norfolk, VA.

Bennett kna Benny - adopted by the Muth family of Reston, VA.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!