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Special Limited Time Offer

by Ron Powell

Have you ever felt like there was too much room on your bed? Have you been plagued by the thought that you just move too freely at night? Well, we here at GVC (Greyhound Vendor Cultitsts) have just the remedy for you. It's our pneumatic, turbo charged, Bed Space Restrictor Device! The answer to all your late night movement concerns! With our cleverly designed, fur covered, Bed Space Restrictor Device, you, too, can wake up with back pain! If you happen to get out of bed to answer Nature's Call, we can virtually guarantee that you won't be able to easily get back in! Be the envy of your friends and family! Be extra grumpy each and every day! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Act now and we'll include, at no extra charge, the Greyhound Thermal Unit! Not only will your Bed Space Restrictor take up all your extra, unwanted, bed space it will act like a heating blanket, too, whether you want it to or not! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Order now - operators are standing by - and you will get the Bed Space Restrictor, Greyhound Thermal Unit AND the patented Blanket Thief Attachment all for one LOW, LOW PRICE!

*No assembly required, maintenance fees not included, not responsible for exhaust fumes which may occur during normal operation of unit. Smiles, Hugs and Warm Fuzzy feelings are possible. Please consult the forums if feelings of happiness last longer than 4 hours.,


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