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Dog Diaries

Fall of the Greyhound

by Ron Powell

~~The scorching heat of Summer
has slowly given way
to the sly embrace of Autumn
and shorter, cooler days.

The nights are getting longer
which means more time laying in bed!
Warm covers for me to lie upon
and softness beneath my head.

The leaves have gone from vibrant green
to orange and brown and red,
I watch them from the window,
while I lay upon my bed.

The breezy, sunny days of Fall
make it easy for me to believe
in the sheer, bright joy of life
when making zoomies through fresh-raked leaves.

The days are getting colder
and I don't mean to gloat
but I look extra awesome,
in my new, warm, fuzzy coat!

Almost every single morning
the grass is white with frost.
I hurry up to get back inside
there's not a moment to be lost!

The fallen leaves forlornly lay
on the lawn until a breeze
picks them up in loops and whirls.
it's like they dance for me.

The boy is back in school again,
I miss him when he's there.
Mom doesn't mind the quiet
but I wish that he was here.

Sunday afternoons are really great
with "football" on tv.
I don't really understand the game
but everyone snuggles on the couch with me!

The kitchen smells now drive me mad
since the grill is no longer being used.
If they don't share those delicious dishes
I'll tell everyone that I'm abused!

We picked a pumpkin from the field
of the farm we went to the other day.
Meeting all those people rocked
and we walked a cornfield maze!

A few days later, after dark,
was the best time yet this fall,
A thousand costumed children came
and I got to meet them all!

Mom is bustling in the kitchen
I keep tabs with lazy eye.
The boy keeps on mumbling,
about Greyhound Pumpkin Pie*

The turkey roasting in the oven
gave off a scent of the highest rank.
They talked about the pilrims
but it's I who was Giving Thanks.

Christmas was the starting point,
then Spring and Summer time.
Fall is just another change
in this exciting life that's mine.

With Mom on our noon time walks,
blowing breezes in the sun,
I make sure to send my Southward prayers
for the work that's not yet done.

It's hard not to be content
with the life that I now lead.
Still I have a nagging thought,
about some other pup in need.

I know the winter's coming,
the snow's soon sure to fly,
but this Greyhound's greatest hope
in the middle of it lies.

Just a little while, friend,
I need you to believe.
Your life will soon get better,
with the passing of the leaves.

I pray the Stranger dressed
in red and snowy white
comes soon to visit you
and makes everything all right.


Five days later, far to the South,
In a cage a small pup lays.
A single memory in its head,
with the coming of the day.

A new worker started here today,
with a flash of red and twinkling eye,
I can hear his hearty laugh,
I simply cannot wait to meet this happy guy.

He isn't like the others,
all stern and businesslike.
In some way I can't quite define,
he brings hope into my life.

He walked up to me last night
and thrust his hand into my bed.
He chuckled softly once again,
and patted me upon my head.

This stranger dressed unlike the rest,
in cheery red and white,
bid me lay my head back down
and sleep the rest of the night.

He waved at me on his way out,
the very last thing that I see,
as pleasant thoughts fill my soul,
was his face smiling at me.

My dreams were filled with strange looking deer,
of drifting snow and trees of evergreen,
"Just wait a little while longer now,"
He said in voice serene.

I don't understand the feelings,
running through my mind,
but I know that if I wait a little while,
everything will turn out fine.



Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!