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Dog Diaries

Summertime Greyhound

by Ron Powell

~~Summertime Greyhound
The days went from pretty cool,
to really really hot.
I surely enjoyed the spring
and I like summer quite a lot.
I still think of Christmas
and the Stranger's happy wink.
Winter and then spring
just went by in a blink!
I'm still doing great
with my new family.
I love all of them,
and, boy, they sure love me!

The dog days of summer,
they ain't got nothin' on me.
I lounge down by the pool,
under a large and shady tree.
I run in the sun
and lay down on green grass.
I play ball with the boy
and steal tea from his glass.
Beautiful weather abounds
and with it a leisurely pace.
I hardly can remember
the days when I would race.
I've run free in the park
and walked while on leashes.
I've walked mountain trails
and on sandy beaches.
I've frolicked in playgrounds
and played in cool streams.
I've had my share of slurpees
and tasty ice creams.
It's an idyllic existence,
I can't imagine a happier life.
I've a boy here to play with
and, of course, Dad and his wife.

Life with the humans
still continues to be
a life full of joy,
'cuz we're all so happy!
We still go meet people
and we travel a lot.
They're always telling others
'bout the greyhound that they got.
The summer routine is now settled,
the new schedule is firmly set.
No greyhound has it better
that's a surefire bet.
The mornings, now, are calm,
'cuz the boy is out of school.
He stays home with me all day now,
which I think is totally cool!
Mommy's tummy's getting bigger,
Dad always has a grin,
the little boy keeps on asking,
when he has to come back in.
The smell of the grill,
the sizzle of the meat,
sometimes they will share,
and that's a GREAT BIG ol' treat!
A hound could get used to living
in this kind of style,
with lazy days and warm nights
and the family's smiles.

I'm grateful, of course,
for the changes I've seen,
plenty of napping to be had
and there is no more racing.
I'm more thankful every day
for my family and home,
but I keep on looking southward
towards my friends there, still alone.
There's so much love in this house,
so much joy, so much fun,
lots of soft things to lay on,
lots of room for me to run.
On many a warm evening,
when the daylight starts to fade,
I remember with great fondness,
the memories that we've made.

Still, I have worries,
about my friends way down south,
How are they doing?
How are THEY making out?
The Stranger will help me,
in the way that only he can,
for I'm sure that he knows
and approves of my plan.
It's not that I'm lonely
and I'm not even sad,
but having two greyhounds
just can't be that bad!
If I work really hard
and stay good all year through,
maybe my fondest of wishes
will finally come true.

I'm not selfish, you see,
and I really don't mind sharing,
the love that I've found,
with a family this caring.
With a good bit of luck
and a kind, helping hand,
perhaps a poor, lonely hound
will soon join our band.
Fall is coming all too soon
and winter right behind,
my plan, my hope, for my family
rests on the Stranger, sweet and kind.
Though summer hasn't yet faded
and Fall's not yet begun,
with Christmas snow, I truly hope
we can save another one.
They don't know what they're missing,
so I hope that I can give
the best thing a racer can ever get,
a loving place in which to live.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!