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Dog Diaries

A Greyhound in Springtime

by Ron Powell

~~A Greyhound in Springtime
A couple months have passed,
since that peaceful night of lights.
Christmas seems so long ago,
but my future's very bright.
I'd like to think the stranger knows,
but I wish he could see me now.
I've learned so much in my "forever home,"
I'm sure I've made him proud,

"Stairs" are no longer scary things,
I look out "windows" made of "glass,"
I get dressed up in a "coat,"
and I go potty on the "grass."
I get my meals in bowls outside my crate,
then take a nap upon my "bed."
There are no morning turnouts,
we have a "potty walk" instead.
Every place I lay my head is soft,
my favorite word is definitely "toy."
I can't believe the life I have,
every day my tail wags with joy.
Some of the things I learned right off,
and some things took some coaching.
I remember the waves of happiness,
when I started "roaching."
I've found I quite like "tummy rubs,"
and scratches 'round the ear.
I'd have to say this life is perfect,
in this I'm quite sincere.

The humans changed quite a bit as well,
you might think they've gone insane,
if one lonely little greyhound,
could make such a major change!
"The house is more alive," they say,
"than it's been in quite some time,"
they like to think that I am their's,
but I know that they are mine,
"Dad" is always talking about the differences between,
the other dogs he's known and loved,
and greyhounds just like me.
"Mom" is suitably impressed,
at how well I'm fitting in,
even on her worst of days,
I can make her grin!
The little boy who loves me,
and sometimes shares his bed,
throws his arms around me,
and pats me on the head.

The newness of it all has settled,
and was replaced by fond routine,
there's a certain comfort to be found,
in reciting oft repeated scenes.
The bustle of the morning,
alone time while they're gone,
I'm used to being in my crate,
and I'll see them before long.
A quick out before dinner,
a bowl filled high with food,
cuddles in the evening,
puts me in a napping mood.
The process starts anew each day,
except for the weekends.
I don't mind the change at all,
for I know what this portends.
Sometimes I can't imagine,
my life back at the track,
my forever home fills my heart with love,
i'm never going back!

Now, when I look outside I see the lawn,
has gone from brown to green.
As we leave the winter snow behind,
I have more energy.
The weather's getting warm,
the days are getting longer,
the walks we take are farther,
our bond is getting stronger.
We walk around the block each day,
our neighbors come out to chat.
They like to fawn all over me,
I definitely like that!
They take me everywhere they can,
they love to share my tale,
they tell everyone that they should have one too,
that's my cue to wag my tail!
I've been to places called "pet stores,"
the humans called them "Meet and Greets"
I got so much attention there,
and the "shelves" were filled with treats!

I can't imagine how I got,
such a dog-gone happy life.
Happy care-free days abound,
with not one single ounce of strife.
Still I cannot help but have,
a single seed of doubt,
so many dogs aren't like me,
and could use some helping out.

As I pondered fickle fate one day,
while Mom was talking to the Dad,
she sounded just a bit uncertain,
but I could tell that she was glad.
"I know we could get by with one,
but two is just the thing."
Dad replied with worried eye,
"We just got the first one settled in.
I suppose we could look into it,
and maybe we could make it work,
Brindle, fawn, or maybe black?"
"A new baby, not a dog, you silly jerk!"
My ears perked up at this exchange,
but not as much as Dad's,
I don't know what a "baby" is,
but it couldn't be that bad.
They went on an on for quite a time,
'bout this year's extra Christmas cheer,
I thought of all those other hounds,
and all the love that we have here.
My gaze kept drifting towards the south,
and I made my master plan,
I'll be extra good this year,
and ask the Stranger to lend a hand.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!