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Observations on the Entropic and Chaotic Nature of Multiple Greyhounds in a Closed Loop System

by Ron Powell

~~Observations on the Entropic and Chaotic Nature of Multiple Greyhounds in a Closed Loop System

Often, we observe the basic elements of a system as individual particles co-existing and interacting fluidly amongst themselves. Sometimes, we endeavor to view the system as a whole wherein the smallest pieces are lost in the greater mosaic. Take, for instance, the fluidity of the states of matter in an enclosed area. Assume the area in question is a standard sized bedroom, for simplicity's sake. Now, in this spacial construct, we'll introduce a gravity well. Let's call this gravity well a "bed," to continue our bedroom analogy. Inside the gravity well are two magnetic poles. We'll call them "husband" and "wife". Within the gravity well, the poles are fairly static in nature and do not move. Now, we will introduce three particles into the mix. The particles, let's call them "Greyhounds," are affected by numerous external stimuli - temperature, time, gravity (hence the need for the gravity well), magnetic attractions (thus the need for the magnetic poles) and their own chaotic natures and interactions. We can observe the particles at different times in an effort to predict, or at least explain, their behaviour. Further, we an change the stimuli within the system to induce changes in the particle's states.

Observation 1, 11:00pm
At the initial observation we find that Particle Alpha, whom we'll call "Whiskey" exhibits a strong response to magnetic stimuli. She drifts rapidly into a position equidistant from the two magnetic poles and begins to rotate infrequently and randomly in place. In a living being we might say that it kept rolling over from back to stomach in a repetitive fashion.

Observation 2, 11:30pm
Particles Beta ("Pepper") and Gamma ("Tux") briefly change relative positions. It seems that particle Whiskey had a brief interaction with particle Pepper as "Pepper" was caught in the extreme edge of the gravity well's influence and was experiencing excitation and attraction in the direction of the magnetic poles. Using sonic energy, Whiskey particle repulsed Pepper particle and the resultant force propelled particle Pepper back into the surrounding space until inertia overcame momentum and it stopped moving.

Observation 3, 4:40am
Particle Pepper became entangled in the magnetic field of the "Husband". This attractive force caused vibrational near-field excitation and the particle began to emit sound energy in high frequencies. A gentle nudge of Husband produced a sympathetic frictional response which led, inexplicably, to an energy dampening effect. The attraction subsided and the particle returned to its previous spatial location.

Observation 4, 5:45 am
The wife force was removed from the gravity well in an attempt to further stimulate the particles. No longer having the repulsing force of the opposite pole, the Pepper particle was pulled into the gravity well, assuming the position of the previously placed magnetic pole ("Wife"). Particle Pepper was very firmly in place and the Husband was unable to influence the position of either the Whiskey or Pepper particle. We note, however, that the Whiskey particle did slightly alter position by rotating along the horizontal axis by 180 degrees, exposing the anterior surface to the remaining magnetic pole. Thankfully, no sub-particles were released.

Observation 5, 6:05 am
Gamma particle ("Tux"), given the unbalanced magnetic fields and absence of other particles in proximate space, began a gravimetric descent onto the remaining magnetic influence. The particle interacted with such force as to cause an immediate reaction to the Husband force. On a sub atomic level, certain pieces of the Gamma particle - oh, let's just call them "two razor sharp, 12 inch, steel talons of maximum carnage" invaded the perimeter of the magnetic pole. In the paradigm of a living creature, we would say "Nose". The resultant loss of magnetic energy, or "blood", and the field disruption, which one might term "pain" was immediate and fascinating. All particles were expelled with exceptional force and direction, scattering them throughout the environment's boundaries. The Husband force immediately sought out the wife force once freed of the gravity well. The sympathetic influence of the Wife force did not result in immediate stabilization but did have a calming effect on the field fluctations. Fortunately, the magnetic energy was contained and the sound wave emissions ceased. Thankfully, no recording devices were present.

For the next set of experiments, we want to observe the effect of a co-equal bond between three particles and a monopole influence in a less controlled environment. we will move to a larger area with more randomness. We'll introduce random events and other types of particles. Let's call our new enviroment "outside".

observation A, 6:45am
once the bonding force was applied to the particles and the monopole, they were introduced to the "outside". Leashed as the particles were to the monopole - we'll reuse the "Husband" from the previous analogy - they were injected into the test environment. Immediately the particles were in an excited state and were attracted and repelled by each other, positions constantly changing. They constantly tried to maintain maximum distance from the monopole, but were constrained by the molecular "leash".

Observation b, 6:47am
A random injection of a new particle was noted. This particle, "Deer", caused Alpha, Beta and Gamma to enter a state of hyperactivity. Sound energy was created and all three were strongly attracted to the Deer particle. The monopole, with greater inherent force was pushed away from the Deer particle. On it's own, the monopole is capable of rapidly increasing distance from Deer particles, but the Greyhound particles created a significant drag effect. Distance from the Deer particle decreased the activity level of the Greyhound particles and more generally aligned the direction of travel of the Greyhound particles to the monopole's.

Observation c,d,e,f and G, 6:50 to 6:55 am.
The Greyhound particles, at random times, seemed to fixate at points in space for short durations. Sometimes two particles would be in proximity, sometimes they would maintain equidistant positions vis a vis the monopole force. At one point the Greyhound particles were seen orbiting the monopole at ever decreasing distances. This lead to a diminishing locomotive ability in the Husband monopole. Movement in the verticle plane and wild gyrations eventually freed the monopole which began a subtle shift in direction back towards the insertion point.

Observation H, 7:00am
Once back "inside" the Greyound particles were released from the bond to the "Husband" force. The "Husband" was removed from the environment, during which he cackled gleefully. The Wife force was last seen interacting with the Greyhound particles

No further observations were recorded.

I just want to say that my nose still hurts.


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